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    Company profile


    Hangzhou A-gen Biotechnology, Ltd. is a professional manufacturer committed to providing high quality disposable medical plastic consumables used in hospitals, clinics, diagnostic labs and life science research labs. Our core staff has extensive experience in research and development of life science plastics and produces the most innovative environmental and user friendly laboratory consumables. All of our products are produced in our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with class 100,000 clean-rooms and on-site testing laboratory. Our dedication to excellence in manufacturing practices is ISO13485, ISO9001 and CE certified. To ensure the best quality that meets or exceeds industry standards, we use only the highest quality virgin raw materials to make our products. We utilize high precision numerical controlled equipment and our international R&D work teams and production managers are of the highest caliber. 



    12 channel troughs Reagent Reservoir

    48 Square Deep Well Plate -4.6ML

    96 Square Well Silicone Mat


    96 Well Round Deep Well Plate-2.0mL

    Thermal sealing film

    Microcentrifuge Tube Box

    Wide-Mouth Reagent bottle-Brown